Enrolling Jordanian Talent in Global Digiwork

The digiwork market offers sustainable and resilient income opportunities regardless of workers’ gender, location, disability, or COVID-19 restrictions. Globally, it employs about 2.5 million people and is expected to grow further to meet the rising demand for digital skills. If you want to become a digiworker, join our academy to improve your business acumen and learn new digital skills, then pave your own digital avenue by getting access to a multitude of digital job assignments and gigs in Jordan and the US.


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The best thing about digital work is flexibility. It allows me to work anywhere, anytime. I am so happy I joind this training programme. I gained more information about freelancing and learned how to employ my skills on different online platforms to generate income. I have successfully completed the first two levels, and I look forward to learning more so I can finally jumpstart a digital career of my own.
Muneer Abdel-AL
I have tried many online training programmes bِefore. This one was different as it gave me the opportunity to create multiple streams of income.
Rawya Ismail
As a life coach, I like to help and make people feel better. I am very excited about this opportunity, as it helps me reach more people from different places through online gig platforms
Ruba Abu Qaoud
As an industrial designer, I explored digital work platforms and found a new world of opportunities that I struggled to find in Jordan before; where most design opportunities are interior or graphic-related. Freelancing exposed me to different styles, schools, and material, which gave me broader experience and new skills to communicate with clients and meet their needs
Nusaiba Gharaibeh
I completed the first two levels of the training in digital work skills. I learned a lot about freelance work, digital freelance platforms, customer relationship management, and project management. I chose to work online and help others in digital marketing, and I am very excited to carry on and learn even more things in upcoming levels
Pascale Khattab